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Drag and drop wordpress builder – WordPress visual editor – Thrive Content Builder

‘Thrive Content Builder’ is now ‘Thrive Architect‘ – new video coming soon!
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A quick update on the Thrive Content Builder:

2 years ago I developed a few web videos regarding the Thrive Content Builder. It’s a wordpress plugin that entirely alters the method you use to construct your content in your website.

When you use it, you will not want to ever produce your landing pages without it!Continue reading

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail – Quick Start Challenge

Kevin Barham - Quick Start Challenge 2015

This post is in relation to my involvement in The Quick Start Challenge 2015.  Our Week 1 challenge was to get a blog launched and make a post in relation to the challenge.  I created this blog in preparation for the challenge and have now added this new Video Post.  The ‘About Me’ page is coming up next [Edited: July 13th, 2015] About me page has now been added..

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WordPress Security – Remove the Default Admin Username

WordPress Security – Remove Default Admin Username

A simple tweak to improve wordpress security

With some WordPress installers, the default WordPress installation has a username of ‘admin’.

You should change this admin username because if your site does suffer a hacking attempt and you haven’t removed the default user, the hacker would already have half of the login credentials and would only have to do a ‘brute-force’ attack to try to guess your password.

In this video I will show you how to add a new administrator and then remove the previous default admin username.Continue reading