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High Leverage - High Ticket

4 Successful Online Business ideas beginners should follow

If you are looking for the perfect business to build and grow online, I have 4 for you. Even better, these 4 fit perfectly together to produce the perfect value ladder.


How’s this for a fact…
Of all small businesses started in 2014 in the USA, only 56% were still in business 4 years later. 44% had failed1.

I’m guessing that most people who are considering starting a business now would hope that it is still operating and growing after 4 years. I know that’s what I want.  My vision is that my business will continue to grow and continue to look after me for the rest of my life! And providing I structure it correctly with automation and future content mapped out, it could continue for even longer, but who knows, when you consider that I am building an asset here, I could even sell it for a nice multiplier.

This isn’t just some pipedream – This is perfectly doable if you just select the right business in the outset. These 4 models have been selected because they have been shown to deliver on 3 critical factors. Those factors are...

The 3 Profit Activators

The American business executive, conference speaker, author and 'Highest Paid Marketing Consultant', Jay Abraham said that there are only 3 ways to grows a business. They are:

  • Get more customers - Get your offer in front of more people
  • Do repeat business with those same customers - Ensure you have additional products that your customer base would be interested in
  • Sell higher-ticket products to increase revenue - Again, to the same audience, you can be offering more value, more exclusivity, at a higher price.

Now it may seem at first read that I have oversimplified this… “Get more customer – Duh! Of course,” – but please, don’t stop reading just yet. You will see precisely what business models, and why.

In order to be one of the Core 4, your business should be High Leverage and High-Ticket and IT MUST…

  • …be location independent - Something you can literally run from anywhere and at anytime.

  • …be an online business with low overheads and be quickly profitable.

  • …be easy to run, lucrative and FUN. There's no sense in getting into a business that in a pain in the proverbial.
  • …certainly have ALL THREE of 'Jay Abraham's' Profit Activators.

4 Successful Online Businesses ideas
The Core 4

1. Affiliate Marketing

In it's simplest form, Affiliate Marketing is when you promote someone else's product, the end user pay's the exact same price, but you earn a commission. Product vendor's like this because they don't have to worry about expensive National or Global advertising to generate traffic. They simply concentrate on delivering a first-class product and let their Affiliates drive the traffic. The vendor only pays the Affiliate when someone actual pays them.

When I mention Affiliate Marketing to some people, I often get the response, “Yeah, tried it – it didn’t work”.

Heck, that was even my first experience. Back in 2011 I setup a domain and website to sell an affiliate product. It was a low priced product and I was earning a small commission from each sale.

I couldn’t afford to advertise so I went down the SEO and content marketing route to get visitors to the site.

When I made my first sales I was totally overjoyed.

If you’ve experienced your first sale online, after struggling for so long, it’s a pretty momentous occasion – even if it was just $3.95. I thought, “This is it – Here we go!”

By the end of the first month I had generated $59.25 in affiliate commissions.

I had worked so hard writing content, forum posts, comments and more, and all of this on top of my full-time work that needed my attention – I was exhausted.  I didn’t dare work out my hourly rate. It would have been way too depressing.

You see, this version of Affiliate Marketing was doomed to failure.  It didn’t have any of the 3 profit activators.

i. Get more customers – I didn’t have the time to write anymore content than I was already writing and if I had used paid advertising, I would have been out of pocket – I was earning such a small amount per sale.

ii. Do repeat business with those same customers - I didn’t have any opt in forms on the site for customers to join my list (What list? LOL)

iii. Sell higher-ticket products to increase revenue – To who? Once they’d bought (or not bought, as in most cases) I had no way of contacting them, and even if I did, and I had nothing to sell.

So the type of Affiliate Marketing that I am talking about specifically is…

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

You can join affiliate programs that will pay you commissions of $1,000 , per sale. In my low ticket attempt back in 2011, if I had been selling such a product, instead of the $7 product I was promoting (with the $3.95 commission) I would have generated $15k.

Build a High Ticket Affiliate Business the right way and, no-longer will you be just hearing or reading about people who have made it online, you'll be standing alongside them. A Successful Digital Marketer.

2. Digital Products

Take your knowledge and wisdom and turn it into a Digital Product.  It may be in the form of a book or as a video course. If you have something valuable that you can teach, there will be people willing to pay you well for that kind of information. Forbes have said that eLearning will be a $325 Billion industry by 2025. It’s time to take your slice. Create your courses once and sell them over and over again. High ticket and high leverage.

3. Coaching & Consulting

This is an exciting business because, as well as ticking the boxes for the 3 profit activators... not only can this be delivered 1-on-1, (online via Skype, Facebook or any one of the various platforms available to us today), but it can also be delivered as group coaching – 1-to-Many.  It takes the exact same amount of time input from you but now you can service many more people at the same time. High ticket, high leverage.

4. Masterminds & Events

These have a high perceived value – They are in-person events. People understand that they will experience greater growth and development and they are willing to pay for it. Once again – High ticket, high leverage.

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