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About Me!

So who is Kevin Barham?

It's funny, when I'm asked, "So tell me Kevin, What do you do?"
"I'm a web developer" I say.  But the truth is, I'm a passionate Internet Marketer at heart.

I am totally passionate about everything related to the Internet Marketing niche.  So much so, I have mastered the first part.  I've learnt everything possible over the last 10 years or so - but I've been focusing on the technical side of things.

I've been building sites (Digital Assets, if you will) for my clients but have neglected building my own. Now it is time for me to build my own Digital Empire!

That's the goal.

Kevin Barham

So far I have had a some success with a couple of WSOs (Warrior Forum Special Offers) that I released, and I have enjoyed some affiliate commissions along the way.

All you need to succeed online is a good offer (that converts) and quality traffic - Which can be achieved via accurate targeting on Facebook.

If you're interested in building a long-term business online, the best advice is to remain consistent in your actions (ie: stop jumping from opportunity to opportunity and stop buying every new product that is released) and to get as many 'Buy' buttons out there as possible. It's simple really... No 'Buy' buttons, no sales!

This page will change over time but for now I have to get back to planning my next post 🙂

Talk soon,

Kevin Barham - Signing Off
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Kevin Barham