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Build an Affiliate Marketing Funnel in Wordpress

WordPress Tutorial: Build Your Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel

When you are starting out with affiliate marketing you know that you need somewhere to send your traffic.  A place that you can develop and control where the visitor goes next.

Many marketers use and recommend platforms like ClickFunnels™ but with a minimum cost in excess of $1100* for the year (paid monthly), when you are starting out costs can soon spiral before you've even made a cent.

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Scarcity Sells

Scarcity Progress Bar

Increase Sale Page conversions with Scarcity. People have a natural Desire for Gain and Fear of Loss. Use scarcity to encourage them to take action NOW. Free Account inside

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WordPress Security – Remove Default Admin Username

WordPress Security – Remove the Default Admin Username

A simple tweak to improve wordpress security

With some WordPress installers, the default WordPress installation has a username of ‘admin’.

You should change this admin username because if your site does suffer a hacking attempt and you haven’t removed the default user, the hacker would already have half of the login credentials and would only have to do a ‘brute-force’ attack to try to guess your password.

In this video I will show you how to add a new administrator and then remove the previous default admin username.

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