Create a Monster Email List and Why You Need One| Beginners Guide -
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Create a Monster Email List and Why You Need One| Beginners Guide

Create a Monster Email List and Why You Need One| Beginners Guide

If you’ve been researching starting an online business for any length of time, you’ve likely heard the phrase “The money is in the list”.

If you listen to most online trainers they’ll tell you that you absolutely must be building an email list for your business.


But Why Build an Email List

When you build an email list you are setting yourself up for success because you are creating a tangible asset for your business. This is ‘Permission Based’ Marketing. People have literally raised their hand and said ‘Yes, please market to me’.

You can setup a drip-campaign that will deliver content to your subscribers on a schedule.

Build Brand Awareness
Consumers buy from people that they ‘Know, Like and Trust’.  You can interact directly with your customers and future customers. Send quizzes and surveys to understand your audience better.

Deliver Extra Value and Build Credibility
Become the expert in your niche by delivering valuable content to your subscribers. I’m on lots of people emails lists and I would say that 90% of the emails that I receive have ‘blind copy’ (copy that doesn’t say what it is) and a link.

That is not the way to build credibility. If you have an offer that you want to put in front of your list, perhaps a better way to go would be to put some thought in your email and to plan your content to drip out over a certain number of days.

  • Email #1 Start telling your story
    This is where you could introduce the topic you wish to discuss.  And the end of your email, tell them what you will be discussing tomorrow.
  • Email #2 Explore the problem and Discuss possible solutions
    Here you can go into more detail and identify what the problem is that needs solving. You can go on to discuss the possible solutions and explain where each fails. At the end, again you will tell them what to expect in the next email.
  • Email#3 Provide THE solution
    In this final email in this fictitious sequence you would discuss the actual solution that you have found, or created, and you then link them across to your offer page.

Personalized Content
Not only can you send emails and address the recipient by their first name (if you collected it) but more importantly, you can personalize the content that they receive based on the list they are on.

Segment list
Following on from the previous point you can also segment your list based on their interests. This way you can keep your subscribers engaged by providing content that you know them to be interested in.

Cost Effective
Whilst you may have used paid advertising to get your subscribers to join your email list, once they are there, providing you provide a reason for them to stay, they can be on your list for years giving you the opportunity to maximize your return on that original investment.

When new subscribers are added you can see where they came from. Use this information to kill any campaigns that are not working and increase those that are.

Make Money On-Demand
Email Marketing is probably the closest thing to ‘Push-Button’ Marketing! Providing you have built and nurtured your list correctly and you have a great offer for them, you could generate a massive pay day by sending 1 email.

How to Get Started with Building an Email List

In this example I will talk about the journey I would take in setting up an email list to work with an affiliate promotion.

Step #1 - Autoresponder

An Autoresponder is an online database that allows you to collect subscriber details via a form that you can embed on your website.

The subscribers are added to a list and, from within the Autoresponder, you can setup drip campaigns that will send out your emails on the schedule you determine. This is the tool that gives you the automation that you need in your business.

The two Autoresponder systems that I use and recommend are Aweber and GetResponse

Step #2 - Landing Page

You need somewhere for your traffic to go to and optin to your email list. This is sometimes referred to as a 'Squeeze Page', 'Optin Page' or 'Landing Page'.

You can either build a landing page on your own website or you can use a landing page and Funnel Builder like Convertri.

Using this tool you can build:

  1. a Front-End Opt-in Page
    Prospects will be enticed to submit their details via the embedded autoresponder form
  2. a Thank You Page
    You should use this as a bridge page to build rapport before sending them off to the affiliate offer you are promoting.

Step #3 - Send Traffic

Now you send traffic to your opt-in page.

Admittedly, this is an extremely simplified overview.

If you would like to learn more about how this entire process works, in details, check out the '15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge' from Legendary Marketer.

We all know how we like to be treated when we are on someone’s list. Use that knowledge to ensure that you are, not only a responsible email marketer, but to also deliver maximum value to your subscribers.  You'll reap the rewards in the long run.

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