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WordPress Security – Remove Default Admin Username

WordPress Security – Remove the Default Admin Username

A simple tweak to improve wordpress security

With some WordPress installers, the default WordPress installation has a username of ‘admin’.

You should change this admin username because if your site does suffer a hacking attempt and you haven’t removed the default user, the hacker would already have half of the login credentials and would only have to do a ‘brute-force’ attack to try to guess your password.

In this video I will show you how to add a new administrator and then remove the previous default admin username.

The simple step-by-step

From within the WordPress dashboard:

  • Click on users in the left-hand menu
  • Add a new administrator user with a strong password
  • Logout
  • Login in with new user details
  • Goto Users and delete the default ‘admin’ user
  • You will be prompted to transfer the ownership of content to another user

It’s a very simple process but one that can help.

In addition to this you should consider installing a security plugin – (I’ll create a tutorial on this soon), always use strong passwords and take regular backups.

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Wordpress Admin Username - Kevin Barham

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  • Steve says:

    Great tip…WordPress is power software but some of the defaults open it up for problems. You’ve recommended something simple to help secure things.

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