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Affiliate Marketing for Beginning: 5 Things to Know Before Choosing an Opportunity

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: 5 Things to Know Before Choosing an Opportunity

When I first started Affiliate Marketing (a long time ago!), I thought it might be easier to sell lower priced items like $7 eBooks and similar priced offers.

The problem with doing that is that there just isn’t enough profit to actually run your business.  And remember, this is a business.  Get this wrong and you’ll be finished soon after you start.


It turns out, it’s just as easy to sell a higher ticket items and, with higher commissions, you can afford to outsource tasks and pay for advertising to bring new visitors to your funnel.

So let’s get into the tips…

1. High Product Value

I’ve already mentioned about the benefit of promoting higher priced products, but additionally, you need to be promoting products with a high value. A product that delivers maximum value to your customer. A product that delivers on what was promised on the sales page.

You also need to be sure that there is sufficient demand for the product? It doesn’t matter how good a product is, if there’s no demand you are going to have an uphill battle.

2. Excellent Profit Margin

Again, I mentioned higher priced items, but you need to ensure that the commissions are also good. As product prices increase, the smallest differences in percentages can have a significant impact on your earnings.  Choose a product to promote that has great commissions and a company that pays out commissions throughout the entire funnel.

3. Stable Tracking

When you signup as an Affiliate, a vendor will give you a unique tracking link that you can send people to.  That link drops a cookie on the visitor’s device and this how the vendor can attribute the sale to you.

Not all affiliate programs are created equal.  Some vendors drop cookies that expire after a certain period. Some vendors only track the front-end (FE) sale to you and none of the back-end – So if, after the FE sale they offer a monthly subscription, you’ll receive none of that! You have likely paid (either in time or money) to get people to an offer, you must maximize your ROI.

4. Marketing Material & Support?

When you are promoting an affiliate product, you need to be publishing quality content, and that content needs to be supported by quality marketing material. Choose a company that provide exactly that, and if they provide training too, on how best to promote their products, that’s another great bonus.

Support is obviously important when you are starting out with a new vendor but you should also consider the support that they will be giving to the customers that you send their way.  Be certain that they are going to be looked after and you will see your commissions increase.

5. Act with Integrity

It is so important that you have a good reputation online. Information gets passed around so quickly these days that if you start promoted junk-products, it won’t take long for you to become known for it.  Sure, you might get away with it for a while but eventually, people will stop buying from you.

I know when I started out, I followed a course that suggested I promote products that I hadn’t even purchased or tried.  How could I possible give an honest review? How could I know if it delivered on its promises?

Choose a product that you have discovered to be FIRST CLASS in its field. Where the company are committed to delivering the highest quality Business Education, products and support possible, where they pay high commissions and have trustworthy tracking.

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