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Legendary Marketer Review

"Take Your Business to the Next Level". If you are looking to make it online, stop buying all the gimmicks and one-click solutions. They don't work. You need a Business Education and that is precisely what you will find inside Legendary Marketer.



'take your business to the next level'

2 months ago, I stumbled across a video that lead me into a funnel belonging to Legendary Marketer.

I hadn’t heard of Legendary Marketer before so decided to do some research – Boy was that confusing.

Confusing Research Results

I found a lot of reviews from people raving about Legendary Marketer telling me how the founder, Dave Sharpe was teaching them everything that they needed to know to build their online business. Reading these, it was obvious that there are a lot of people that hold this gent in high regard.

In complete contrast, I found a few reviews where people were not being quite so positive about Legendary Marketer.

I didn’t let that put me off, I continued researching.  There was just something about Dave Sharpe that had ‘hooked me’! He is a charismatic educator and his passion to pass on his knowledge is truly infectious.

My Early Conclusion

After researching this, on and off, for a couple of days I came to the early conclusion that, in general, the negative reviews were old reviews and the positive reviews were more recent.

I don’t know for sure, but it seems that there may have been some early teething problems and it certainly seems that these have been ironed out.

I Joined Legendary Marketer

So, the next logical step was to join Legendary Marketer.  They operate a sophisticated Value Ladder in their business, and it starts with their '15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge'.

This is their low-cost, entry-level product and is open to anyone who needs this education – regardless of your niche.

The course is primarily delivered in video format and the content is delivered by Dave Sharpe. The goal is to “take your business to the next level”.

Understandable and easy to consume

Don’t worry if you haven’t started your business yet. This content is delivered at an understandable and easy to consume rate and will, absolutely, give you a head-start. You will learn how to start your own Freelance Digital Business with the distinction that it will, if you choose, be marketing and selling High-Ticket products.

In the challenge, you will learn the importance of having a Sales Funnel and a Value Ladder in your business.

You will complete an assessment quiz so that they know where you are at and you will then schedule a call with your Legendary Marketer Business Advisor.

PHEW! And that was just Day#1. It gives you an amazing insight into the power of what we are learning here.

I don’t plan on giving you a blow-by-blow, day-by-day breakdown of what you will learn but I will just highlight a few things that are worth mentioning.

In Day#2 Dave teaches the Core 4. This is the top 4 types of businesses that you should be considering if your goal is to maximize your revenue.

They are the top 4 because they have ‘all 3 profit activators’.  This won’t make sense to you because I, obviously, have no intention in giving away the nuggets he’s teaching but I can tell you, when you join and you learn this, it will make total sense.  You will understand why you have not had the success you have desired for so long. You have likely been implementing what you have learned but if your business model lacks 1 of the ‘3 profit activators’, you’ve lost before you’ve even started.

You will be learning the blueprint of a successful business – You will know before you even start that, providing your follow the blueprint, you will be successful.

As you continue through the challenge you will learn about the various tools that you can implement in your business that provide an easier routeto your success.

It’s not just Tools & Blueprints

You’re not just being shown how to do something and what tools you should use to do it… You likely tried that before. The next part of the challenge is crucial...

Dave talks about mindset. You can tell, this is an extremely important topic for him. He discusses how we are conditioned from an early age and introduces experts in the field to go deeper and add clarity.

This information is so well delivered and each day builds on the previous knowledge.

Just 4 days in and I knew I had made not just a great choice, but THE RIGHT CHOICE.

As the challenge continued, I had many calls with my Legendary Marketer Business Advisor. It is so easy to schedule a call with her. Each time I speak with her (and I still do) I feel energized and refocused.  It’s an awesome way to make sure you stay on track.

I’ve previously joined and started other challenges with other companies, similar to this, and in every instance, I ended up dreading the call with the advisor. They weren’t really advisors… they were salespeople.  Their primary goal was to get you to buy their next product.

Legendary Marketer is not like that at all. Sure, at some point we spoke about the other products that are available but even this was done from the perspective of ‘delivering value’. Dave does the same in the training - He shows the value in your investment.

As I progressed through the course I then started to learn about the kind of high-income skills that I should focus on gaining. A High-Income Skill is one that has a lot of leverage and can generate a lot of revenue for you.

Dave explained the types of skills you should acquire and reveals the types you should avoid. He is passionate about this topic and is critical of what is taught in traditional education.

Continuing, I learnt the fundamentals of Lead Generation, copy writing, Sales & Presentations, Outsourcing, the power of OPM, and more, powerful mindset knowledge

At the time of publishing this review, the '15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge' costs just $7 to join.

The value is off the scale BUT ONLY if you get stuck in and take action.

In addition to the first class education that I am receiving, I also have access to ‘Wake Up Legendary’. This is a 15 minute call delivered Daily, Mon-Fri 10 am eastern time covering various topics but designed to Motivate and Inspire.

Add to that the extremely active and supportive Facebook group…


When you follow this education, you will end up, as promised, with a business plan and the knowledge to “take your business to the next level”.

Believe me,

  • if you know nothing of Value Ladders, you need this training.
  • If you’ve been struggling for years (like me!), you need this training.
  • If you have a mental block that results in crippling procrastination, you need this training.
  • If you’re in a state of flux and don’t what to do to finally achieve success, you need this training.

Are Ready to Take Action?
Are Ready to receive the education you need to move to the next level?

Oh! I just remembered something else that really impressed me. In other, similar programs, if you can’t afford to invest in the higher level courses, you are not allowed to promote them.

That’s not the case with Legendary Marketer. Once you have completed their initial training you can apply to become an affiliate. There’s a basic and a pro level which pay different commission amounts.

This means that even if you can’t afford to invest in more training after completing the '15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge', you have the knowledge, the products and the potential to generate revenue from low to high-ticket sales which, if you choose, you can then reinvest in your ongoing education.

In Closing

Would I recommend Legendary Marketer to someone I love and care about?


Yes – Without hesitation. I give Legendary Marketer a 5 Star Rating.
For that reason, I can wholeheartedly recommend it to you.

I don’t think I have every felt this way about any other online business education courses that I have bought – And I have bought a lot!

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