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Build an Affiliate Marketing Business

Can you really build a business with Affiliate Marketing? For Beginners

In a word, Yes.  Lots of people are out there making a full-time income from Affiliate Marketing. There’s lots of opportunity.

The hard truth
But don’t be misled by the message from the vast number of self-proclaimed gurus out there… It’s not easy.


They have you believe that you can buy their crappy training and Push-Button Software, created in some ‘Underground Lab’, and in no time you’ll have people flocking to your website and clicking on your affiliate links. You’ll be making bank in no time.

Take it from someone who has tried way too many short-cuts to getting ahead in Affiliate Marketing – it’s all about taking the right kind of action, consistently and promoting the right products.

The Up Side

Here a few of the benefits of running an affiliate business:

Minimal startup costs
If you wanted to start a traditional brick and mortar business you would need to invest thousands of dollars before you even open the doors. The same goes for Franchise business opportunities.

With affiliate marketing, you could start for a lot less.

You could sign-up, for free, to a multitude of affiliate networks. You could get a domain and some hosting and build a website in WordPress or you could subscribe to a dedicated landing page builder software for a monthly fee.

Then you just need to get your links out there.  You can do this using content marketing and SEO or you could use paid ads.

I would recommend learning from someone who actually does what they teach – this will come at price but the investment in you and your business will be well worth it.  Be sure to select the right training program and you can see massive growth.

Zero Product Creation
Even if you do want to create and sell your own digital products, which I highly recommend, with Affiliate Marketing you can promote quality products and build your brand whilst developing your marketing skills.  These skills will be invaluable when you are ready to launch your own products.

Location Independent
One of the best things about Affiliate Marketing is the fact that you can literally run your business from anywhere and at any time. With a Laptop and an Internet connection your set!

Earn Passive Income
Passive income is not a myth.  If you partner with the right vendor that has a highly optimized Sales Funnel and Value Ladder and you create evergreen content (content that will not go out of date) then you can create a monster that keep driving sales.

You won’t be an overnight success
It takes time to build a successful affiliate marketing business.  It’s for this reason that people are always drawn to the ‘push-button’ solutions.  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… One-click software does not work. You need to put effort and time into both learning and operating your business.

How to get started

As I alluded to, throughout this short post, if you are serious about starting an affiliate marketing business and you want to start it the right way then I highly recommend checking out the Legendary Marketer’s '15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge'.

The Online Business Builder Challenge is a video-based course with questionnaires & quizzes. You also get connected with a business adviser with whom you can schedule calls to gain additional guidance. They really are there to help.

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